• Brooke Featherston

About Brooke

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

From the day I was born, I've had vision complications that have rendered me legally blind in one eye. So why on earth would I choose a career based on the ability to see well? I chose design because I love a challenge, and I’ve always been a problem solver. Through my work, and even my personal branding, I can add a twist of humor and cleverness to design. For more about my personal branding, check out this blog post. Art and design have always been a passion of mine. My love for it started in elementary art class. Being a practical 6 year old, I assumed I wouldn’t make money as an artist so I brushed it off. The notion of a career in art resurfaced when I was the yearbook editor in high school, and I fully committed to design heading into Purdue. Problem solving has always fascinated me, and design continues to challenge and reward me every single project I take on in the professional design field.

In addition to graphic design, I dabble in cake decorating and sarcastic cards. It’s become a fun hobby to decorate cakes (and eat them, too). That hobby is discussed more in depth on this blog, if you’re interested. I’ve also recently started making sarcastic and snarky cards for every occasion because I feel like most commercial cards don’t fully capture my feelings, and it’s pure entertainment for me and receivers of my custom cards.

I am originally from Edinburgh, Indiana (there’s an outlet mall-- you know where it is). I grew up on a farm, I survived having 5 siblings, and I went to the tiniest school surrounded by cornfields. Currently, I reside in Indy with a clumsy, constantly surprised-looking cat called Remy. Together, Remy and I binge watch HGTV, attempt to cook and eat like adults (one of us insists on eating with our paws, but I won’t point any fingers), and judge our neighbors from the windowsills.