• Brooke Featherston

Cakes: Fondant or Fondon’t?

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

I’m just gonna cut to the chase-- fondon’t. The reason fondant is even used in baking is purely for artistic purposes. It’s taking essentially (barely) edible Play-Doh, shaping it, and sticking it on a cake to create 3-dimensional visuals that are only appetizing to the eyes and nothing else.

When I decorate cakes, I make my own buttercream frosting. Spoiler alert: it’s butter, sugar, and a dash of heaven. You can play chemist with the ingredient ratios to make it as stiff as needed to decorate beautiful cakes. Buttercream frosting is the sweet, soft edge cakes need to make it truly a dessert. If you scrape the frosting off of your cupcakes, just eat a muffin and enjoy your sad treat. I feel more passionately about buttercream frosting than I realized, but I stand firm, like a quality batch of buttercream.

My point is, buttercream is capable of some truly beautiful, creative designs. It’s a matter of patience and persistence. I also like to lean on edible additions like ice cream cones to give me the structure and volume buttercream frosting can lack. For example, the pine trees are simply upside down cones with greenery frosted on.

Cake decorating is simply a fun hobby I enjoy with my mom. We use a family recipe to make our cakes and frosting. I come from a large family, so we’re usually pretty busy decorating and innovating whatever our given cake receiver wishes for. Dessert is an art in its own right, and frosting is the only medium worth using and eating.