• Brooke Featherston

Kelli Float Friday

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Today is a very sad day. For the last two years, I have had the pleasure of working alongside one of the finest marketers, Kelli Oxley. We’ve collaborated on packages, proofread copy, and teased our coworker Brandon relentlessly. Today is grim because today is Kelli’s last day at work. She is abando- I mean she is adventuring out into the world, pursuing a new marketing position at another company. In memory of Kelli, I would like to share the origin story of Kelli Float Friday.

Kelli and I started 2 weeks apart at a company in 2016. We had high walled cubicles, and we sat on polar opposite ends of the room. Through work chat rooms and emails, we became friendly. I would help her brainstorm copy ideas, she would edit my designs. One day, I asked Kelli to help me with a photoshoot. She was one of the only people I knew and felt comfortable asking for a favor. All I needed her to do was lay on a pool float I was shooting. In post, I would take a Getty model, and replace Kelli. I just needed Kelli to create the proper indentations in the pool float in a bid to make my work easier. Kelli lays down face first on this ridiculous float, and I take this shot:

As I’m editing the photo later, I cannot stop laughing. Why on Earth would she lay face down? The more I edited, the more I laugh. Kelli chats me across the room and asks who’s laughing. With tears in my eyes, I send Kelli a sample of her modeling. Hearing her laugh echo across an otherwise silent office, our friendship was solidified.

Not one to let a joke die, I began practicing my new photoshop skills on Kelli. Every Friday, I would use pop culture or current events to incorporate Kelli. A few months later, I shot Kelli Float Friday 2.0. This time, Kelli had to sit on a donut float and couldn't stop laughing, thinking back to the last time she was asked to model a float. She has been surfing waves in Hawaii, flying over Agrabah, and even sliding down Splash Mountain when I went on vacation!

Now that Kelli is leaving, I am ending the Kelli Float Friday series. It was a wonderful break in the work day to remind us of a day of uncontrollable laughter and the start of a friendship I hold very close to my heart. Kelli is a wonderful, empowering, generous, and kind soul I have had the privilege of getting to know as both a coworker and a friend. To Kelli: best wishes at your new job and never forget to float on.