• Brooke Featherston

Standard Practices #1: The Who, What, and Why

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

Every company has their own set of standard practices and procedures that act as a guideline for the steps employees take to complete a task utilizing the best means available. Very seldom are these methods the same in every company. These are especially helpful as training manuals that can act as a powerful resource to new hires.

A standard practices manual would benefit the company by saving them training time in the long run. It would also aid in the transition of a new hire and enable them to have a reference book full of answers to questions concerning not only company policies, but also everyday workflow for any given task.

Standard practice manuals are important because we were able to create a legacy of information and knowledge. No matter who was hired or who needed clarity, they could find all of the department and company information in a single document. It should be easily accessible for reading purposes, and it should be equally accessible for editing purposes to accommodate an ever growing company.