• Brooke Featherston

Standard Practices #2: The How

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

At one of the companies I worked for, there was an old outdated version of a standard practice manual. It was a dysfunctional wiki page that was in need of a serious overhaul. With policies and procedures ever changing, a coworker and I thought it would be beneficial to have a living document complete with pictures and a specialist directory.

For my company in particular, we collaborated on a shared Word document. We all contributed input and expertise covering the entire scope of our job. We were then able to go through and use photos and graphics to act as an at-a-glance reference. Visual aids are sometimes easier to articulate a difficult process than to read a wall of text.

Once we were satisfied with our information, we edited and edited until we couldn’t read anymore. It’s important to slash out the extra fluff and keep it to a technical writing style. We needed to be direct and to the point. The reader we wrote for is trying to learn something quickly, and we wanted to streamline that reader’s experience.